Monday, June 20, 2005

wordpress, mac, 24hrs internet

Right now, I don't have them (yet). I was considering to move this blog to a WordPress-blog. There is nothing wrong with free-blog like Blogger, but I guess I am the type of guy who wants more with less money spent (if you haven't heard about it before, WP is an open-source blog engine). I also have been waiting to trade my PC with Mac (any kind, but for financial-reason Mac Mini would be more realistic). As for 24hrs internet connection? The internet-service-provider here still put a high-price tag on it. Can you imagine blogging with dial-up internet connection and a PC? I can and I did and I assume this is what most Indonesian blogger doing all this time. (Oh, when will we have the chance to get a hand on cheap-reliable-cheap-broadband-24hrs-did I mentioned cheap already-internet connection?). So, I am planning, waiting, dreaming to have a fast and 24hrs internet connection, a powerful and reliable computer and a blog that I can fully-customized. Just the way I want it to be :)


Budi said...

Well...the hardest part is how to appreciate what we've got now :)

Welcome to the dark side of:
1. PC (Apple);
2. Blog Engine (Wordpress);
3. Internet Connection (Broadband)

Budi said...

At least 4 now you've got broadband connection in the office ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Wordpress rocks, I recently switched.. I'm trying to find a cool template that I like.. so far i like the one i have now - anyway, my blog's url is I've got a page rank of 4 [if you know anything about page ranks and search engine optimization] and 309 pages indexed in google.. unfortunately it isn't more than that...'ve got a great blog here! -Paul

Army said...

Excellent site, enjoyed my visit! I will be back soon!

Anonymous said...

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