Saturday, June 25, 2005

rainy saturday

It's been a clear blue sky at the morning, but dark-grey-cloudy at noon. Eventually the rain poured down in the afternoon. I wonder if the people in southern area of Bandung got flooded. I hope not.

My friend and I stop by a shop that sells iPod. I think it was a great inovation by Apple. It has functions as well as good look. Although iPod hasn't been popular in Bandung, I wonder if someday everyone will be using the white earphones.

Today is the opening of Bandung's Pasupati Fly-Over. A time-consuming project. Built to reduce the traffic-jam problem in this city. But as Sisil said in her blog, the first impression was not good. I hope it will work out fine soon, or it will just be a sore in the eyes.

Twenty-six years old Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) did it again in MotoGP in Assen. He wins for the sixth time, that is the fifth in a row. Although Honda engine believed to be more powerful, it is the skill of the riders that matters. Yamaha should be thankful to have Rossi on their side. Read more here >>

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