Tuesday, June 14, 2005


it's a blackout, what do you expect to see? Posted by Hello

Sunday night, when I'm spending the last of my weekend time in front of my computer, suddenly the power went off. It was a total blackout. I think it was a power failure from central since one of my friend experience the same thing. It was late in the night and it was dark. So what should we do? In the good old times, I would usually pick some candles and lit it (the process of lighting the candle up is fun, and putting it out is even more fun, it's like having another birthday). Now, I just pick my cellphone (which haven't finished its battery-charging) and turn on the light. Next, I could have been thinking about our rights as a consumer (if we have one). Instead, I thought "Hm, so this is the closest thing we can get to feel blind" (there must be something we can learn from everything that's happening, right?). And instead of wasting my time by cursing the government, I know a way to do something useful... thinking of writing it all into a blog-posting. (And if this went longer than I thought, I could always use more sleep time).

What did I learn from yesterday?
I learned that now people can't "live" without electricity (and I cannot write this post without one). I learned that business monopoly is not good for the consumers. I learned that the people in Bandung are very tolerant (were there any complaints?) or they just tired of complaining. I learned that when the visual sense is not active, it is true that other sense will be more sensitive. When you can't see, you can always "hear" and "feel" the night. And while this "incident" should not be happening next time, I do realize that this kind of moment also have its benefit. If the lights in the city went off, I can see the star more clearly :)

(A couple of minutes later, the power went on.. my thought about blogging about this stopped, and I turned my computer on again only to find that later on that night.. the power went off for the second time. That moment I've decided to went to bed no matter what)


Budi said...

blackout sama boxout ada bedanya nggak gon?

Budi said...

gon, kok postingan loe di blogspot lebih bersahaja dibandingkan di yahoo 360 yg lebih garing sptnya...