Tuesday, July 12, 2005

welcome to SOS-Kinderdorf, Lembang, Bandung

Last Sunday, I have the opportunity to visit SOS-Kinderdorf in Lembang. Thanks to all my friends at Lil' Finger. Quick review and facts about SOS-Kinderdorf, Lembang. This is the first village (as they call it) in Indonesia. Since its beginnings in 1949, SOS Children's Villages has been committed to offering orphaned and abandoned children a home in a family-based environment. For further information about SOS-Kinderdorf International you can click here.

I never wanted to be a teacher, never learned to be one, never thought that I could become one. I came to Kinderdorf expecting only to be an observer, but then I was appointed to be a teacher of a group along with my girlfriend, Lita. Well, I was not actually teaching. I was talking with the children, playing, laughing a lot, joking around. I kind of having plenty of little brothers and sistes instantly. It was fun. Very tiring but fun. Afterward, we walk through some of their facilities. We also visited the home for the retired SOS mother. From this place, I learned some lessons. Family bond doesn't always have to be with birth-parents. We find families through our journey of life. And being old doesn't always have to be waiting for death, but to live each day the fulliest, praying for the best of their children and grandchildren. Thanks a lot for the lovely moment, kids. And thanks for the advice, the lessons and the blessing, grandma.

Thx to all Lil Finger staffs: Erwin, Handi, Khimkhim, Lily, Fong2, Lina, Ade, Fika, Ade, Eunike, Linda, Ani, Lita. Thx to STV crew: Cardo. Thx to the children in my group: Eno, Dewi, Maria, Aan, Leni, Mei, Ria, Suluh, Okto, Ignas, Flori, Siti. And all the cats in SOS-Kinderdorf.