Tuesday, July 12, 2005

how valid is your blog?

For those of you who make a weblog only for fun, or only concern about the result, may not make this validation a great deal. Or they don't even have a clue of what this is. I could end up the same as all those people, but luckily I have the right "friends" on the blogosphere. You might have notice that some blogs have a small badge/icon stating xthml valid or css valid. That is the sign of a blog that has been built upon a correct or standard tags of (x)html and css. If you want to see some valid blogs, you can visit Budi's, Avianto's and Priyadi's blog. Well, some of you might ask about the differences between valid and non-valid blog? On the visual appearence, there may have no difference. From my experience, there are some reasons that made a blog not html-valid. Building a WYSIWYG-base blog is one of them (don't trust your eyes, just follow the standard html coding and eventually you'll get there anyway). Blogger's blog like mine has lots of errors when validated. (Last time I check, this blog have 82 errors) Copy-pasting from other website/blog can also bring errors (mostly about Ampersands). For more spesific things, you might have to ask the pros. But you may want to ask why should we make a valid blog? Then I must answer, why not? If you have the chance and the knowledge to make it right, then why do you still making a not-valid one? Or for the perfectionist-type of person like myself, just think of it as a challenge or a test of your skill. After you satisfied with the visual, why don't you learn a little bit more and make your blog a valid one.

So, how valid is your website/blog? You can check it here.